It’s not coincidence that I’ve suddenly started thinking seriously about getting a large color tattoo on my forearm, I bought shoes I would’ve previously deemed too daring, and have learned new eye make up techniques. I’ve begun obsessively researching things pertinent to my spirituality.

I’m going through a growth spurt.

I really look forward to these times. They are usually preceded with uncomfortable periods of stretching and changing. This last time was very challenging for my humility. I’m a pretty self confident person, sure of all my well calculated steps. But these last 2 months have caused me to reconsider my views and have made me much more sympathetic to other’s methods. But after this humbling comes growth and rebirth. I’m reclaiming my body after being pregnant for a large portion of the last 5 years and reclaiming my mind.

I can’t wait to see where the journey takes me.