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When my children go with me somewhere in the van, there are few things they should do, a few they should not, and only one thing they need to know.

Things They Should Do:
1. Stay inside the vehicle
2. Remain calm
3. Trust me

Things They Should Not Do:
1. Anything unsafe
2. Freak out

And the one thing they should know is that I’m in control. They do not need to know where we are going and they certainly don’t need to know how to get there.

Today I asked God to demolish everything I know. Tear down the theology, the arguments, the words words words that obviously are not working in my search to be close to Him. I’ve been battling a spiritual crisis. I cannot find my way out of this bag. One thing makes sense one second, and the next, it doesn’t. And no matter what kind of sense I make of it, my relationship with God doesn’t change. So I asked Him to level it. In it’s place, build a tower in my heart to Him. (Not that I believe God has a gender.)

Almost instantly, my head exploded….in peace. Nope, that doesn’t make sense, but if you have ever had a spiritual revelation, you’ll understand. Religion and theology are for us. It makes us feel better to know where we are going and how to get there. Just like my children. who might ask where we are going. They don’t need to know, but I do tell them. Sometimes my 4 year old asks, in her limited understanding, how to get there. I usually give a vague answer, such as that it’s past such-and-such place she’s been to before.

This thought, that I don’t need to know how to get to God, gives me great peace. It will certainly irritate the crap out of a lot of people. Some people are so hellbent on being right, they can’t see the merit in anything that doesn’t 100% line up to what they believe.  You can bet the baby is going right out with the bath water. I’m really getting fed up with the religious superiority lately. I love the line in the song “Take Me to Church” that says, That’s a fine looking high horse / What you got in the stable? / We’ve a lot of starving faithful.

I really don’t think He cares if we have a map and we follow it. He just wants us to stay with Him, inside the vehicle, and to try not to freak out.

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9