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I’ve always thought the reason people resist change is fear of being wrong. It’s hard to accept that something you’ve always thought was flawed and must be tossed out. But no. We resist change because we fit so comfortably with the people around us that if we changed too much, we would be tossed out.

My typical MO is to glean as much knowledge as possible in order to learn. I want to learn so I can grow. I want to grow so my eyes will be wide open. My open eyes will improve my life just like the world changes radically when the sun rises. I want my life to be a series of sunrises.

While it is true that knowledge is power, knowledge is also danger. It threatens your current existence. This happy bubble that I live in is made up of a worldview comfortable to those who live in it with me. And I love the people who live in the bubble with me. Will they still love me if I leave the bubble? Will we have any common ground? My heart gets enormously heavy when I realize they don’t want to change. They are perfectly happy with their worldview and they probably don’t want any of my crazy new ideas to rock the boat. There is danger here.

I stand here on the edge. I see new roads I can travel. Just as Eve reached out to the apple, I reach out to new understanding – that may well poison my whole existence. Who do I deny? Myself or Those I Love?